Adult's BJJ Program

Adult jiu jitsu begins at ages 16 and up.

The adult jiu jitsu class focuses on learning and applying basic and advanced techniques. Students practice techniques using a traditional Gi/Kimono (uniform).

You will learn and practice submissions, escapes, positioning, opening the guard, immobilizing an attacker on the ground, and basic techniques of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in self defense situations.

Classes included in the schedule are Beginner, Advanced/Intermediate, and All Levels. The fundamental and advanced techniques are taught (based on student rank), as well as theory and philosophy of the “Gentle Art”. Students will learn and practice sweeps, submissions, escapes, and counters, how to reverse an attacker from the bottom position, how to force your opponent into submission.

Typically class begins with a warm-up, including some core-strengthening, followed by the technique of the day. Students pair up and drill the technique. After drilling, students pair up again and “roll” or “go live” with different partners until the end of class. Rolling provides feedback on how well you understand the technique against an opponent who is trying to resist. Questions are highly encouraged as it’s the only way to really learn what you need to work on.

Competition is encouraged but not required. Click here to learn what to expect for your first class.

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