A term coined by Rick Blume in 1995, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) incorporates three basic skills: striking, grappling and wrestling, for the purpose of full-contact competitions with varying rules. It also can be referred to as no-holds-barred fighting, vale tudo (Portuguese: “anything goes”), ultimate fighting and cage fighting.

The goal for many MMA competitors is to develop a well-rounded skill set that can simultaneously showcase their primary strength and downplay the weakness of their lesser abilities. For example, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighters tend to evade strikers long enough to take them down to the ground where they are most comfortable.

At RMBJJ, we choose to focus on the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu aspect of MMA. Professor Rodrigo Mendes believes it is important to build a strong foundation in BJJ, rather than take a general “MMA” class for aspiring fighters. We have multiple amateur and professional MMA fighters who train with us to build and improve upon their BJJ techniques for the cage.

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