Professor Rodrigo Mendes

Rank: 4th Degree Black Belt

  • Fight2Win 89 Champion 2018 (Florida-USA)
  •  2nd Place Abu Dhabi Pro 2018 (Florida-USA)
  •  3rd Place Orlando International Open 2018 (Florida-USA)
  •  3rd Place Florida State Championship 2018 (Florida-USA)
  •  1st Place Miami International Open 2017 (Florida-USA)
  •  1st Place Florida State Championship 2017 (Florida-USA)
  •  3rd Place Pan American 2017 (California-USA)
  •  2nd Place Abu Dhabi Pro 2017 (Florida-USA)
  • 2nd Place Miami Winter Open 2016 (Florida-USA)
  • 2nd Place Miami Winter Open 2016 (Florida-USA)
  • 2nd Place Atlanta Open 2015 (Georgia-USA)
  • 2nd Place Miami International Open 2014 (Florida-USA)
  • 2nd Place European International Open 2013 (Lisbon-Portugal)
  • 1st Place Miami International Open 2012 (Florida-USA)
  • 1st Place Florida State Champion 2012 (Florida-USA)
  • 1st Place Miami International Open 2011 (Florida-USA)
  • 3rd Place Miami International Open Absolute 2011 (Florida-USA)
  • 1st Place American Nationals No Gi Absolute 2011 (California-USA)
  • 1st Place American Nationals No Gi 2011 (California-USA)
  • 1st Place American Nationals 2011 (California-USA)
  • 1st Place Pan American No Gi 2008 (New York-USA)
  • 2nd Place American Nationals No Gi 2008 (California-USA)
  • 3rd Place American Nationals Absolute 2008 (California-USA)
  • 3rd Place American Nationals 2008 (California-USA)
  • 3rd Place Pan American 2008 (California-USA
  • 3rd Place Worlds No Gi 2007 (California-USA)
  • 1st Place Florida State Champion 2006 (Florida-USA)
  • 3rd Place Pan American 2006 (California-USA)
  • 3rd Place Pan American 2005 (California-USA)
  • 2nd Place Pan American 2004 Brown belt (California-USA)
  • 3rd Place Battle on the Beach/Pro Div 2004 (New Jersey-USA)
  • Among other Titles not herein mentioned…

Rodrigo Mendes started his training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the early 1990’s in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. He first discovered his calling to teach as a blue belt when he would be asked to help teach the other students in his class. Mastering the art quickly, in 2000 Rodrigo moved to the United States. Without being able to speak hardly a word of English, Rodrigo opened his first RMBJJ Academy in the state of Massachusetts in 2002. In 2004, Professor Andre “Dedeco” Almeida awarded Rodrigo Mendes his Black Belt in Rockland, Massachusetts. Rodrigo continues to teach BJJ today because he feels it is his calling in life.

“In my career as a fighter I have won many tournaments such as the World games, Pan American, and Nationals (to mention a few), but the most important to me was to be awarded my black belt. Since I was a white belt in Brazil, doctors told me that I would NEVER be able to successfully train BJJ due to a herniated disc in my back. In spite of this, I didn’t just make it to a black belt, but I became a winning fighter and a great teacher along the way. It’s great to see a new student come in without knowing anything about BJJ, and after a short while, they grow tremendously in the sport, become great people in their personal life and best of all, become part of our family.”

Rodrigo Mendes follows and teaches under RMBJJ curriculum. “It’s the best and the most complete program on the market. We follow a curriculum that has continually proven itself to be the most effective over the years in the streets as self-defense and on the mats winning competition after competition.”

“Practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is what keeps me going everyday, Jiu-Jitsu is not only a martial art but a lifestyle. I see it everyday in my students: once they get hooked on BJJ, they can’t stop. It becomes part of your DNA for life. The second great thing about the sport is the brotherhood that we have on and off the mats, our students become more aware and take better care of their bodies, become more respectful with others, I would say even better citizens in society!”